Monday, 21 March 2016

DIY Flower Baskets

Hello peeps...
All set for the festival of colors?? Do you have any special plan for this Holi?? I wanted something colorful and something new to decorate my coffee table, especially for Holi. So that called for a DIY work. And when DIY activity comes to mind, first priority is always something which is BEST OUT OF WASTE. This time I tried to make some flower baskets with old newspaper and invitation cards. 
Items Required
1- Newspaper 
2- Invitation Cards (Can use chart papers of different colors. I had invitation cards, that I had colored using acrylic paints) 
3- Glue 
4- Scissors 
5- Paint Brush 
6- Acrylic Colors 
7- Thread 
8- A Pen/Pencil 
9- A thin stick or a wooden skewer 
10- A Piece of Corrugated Cardboard Sheet 
Step-1 & 2 
Cut newspaper into 3/9 inch pieces. From one corner start rolling the paper using a stick. 
Step-3 & 4 
While rolling the paper keep on pulling the stick from one end. Once done apply some glue at the end. Then pull out the stick. 
Step-5 & 6 
Make around 15 sticks to make one basket. Draw circles (around 8 to 10 c.m. diameter) on corrugated cardboard sheet. For one basket we need two circles. 
Step-7 & 8 
Cut the circles and then glue some newspaper sticks on a circle as the picture below. 
Step- 9 & 10 
Apply some glue all over the circle and on that stick another circle. 
Step-11 & 12 
Now on that keep any heavy object, so that both the circles will stick to each other properly. I placed a plastic jar on it for 30 minutes then it was ready.
Step-13 & 14 
Roll a newspaper roll on finger or on a pen. By doing this it will become little flexible and we can easily weave the basket. Glue one end of the stick on one stick and leave for few minutes, so that it will fix. Or else you can put a clip on that, which you can remove later on. 
Step-15 & 16 
Now start weaving the basket. We have to alternatively move the stick inside and outside around those sticks which we have glued on the circle in step-8. When one newspaper stick ends then apply some glue on another stick and insert it inside the first one. 
Step-17 & 18 
Once our basket's depth becomes around 10 c.m, then it is done. Leave around 2 to 3 c.m. of the newspaper stick from top and cut the rest of it. 
Step-19 & 20 
Now fold the sticks inside the basket and apply glue on it. I used some clips to set it fast. 
Step-21 & 22 
Once the glue dries completely and basket is ready, next step is coloring it. I used light brown color, so that it will look like as if it is made of some natural fiber. 
Step-23 & 24 
Take chart paper of any color and cut the petals. I have cut the petals in oval shape, you can cut it in any shape and size. Fold the petals from the middle, so that we can easily tie up them. I have cut some thin strips also to add at the center portion of the flower. 
Step-25 & 26 
Tie the petals together with thread. I made around 5 such flowers for each basket. 
Once the flowers are ready, then glue them on the basket. I filled one single color flower in one basket, you can fill according to your choice.
Now they are ready. You can make any number of baskets according to your wish and your patience *smiles*. 
Do find some time to share your view on this DIY. 
If you have any DIY ideas that you want to share with others then write to me at I'll love to make a post on it. 
Enjoy your Holi, but don't waste much water as summer has already knocked on our doors and many part of the country facing water scarcity. *smiles*

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